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Our AML compliance checks are becoming ever more complex and costly.

All types of firms are having to increase and allocate additional budgets and manual resources to validate their customer or clients  whilst trying to ensure that they cover all the increasingly stringent global compliance standards. 


Despite using the extra effort using both manual and paper based checks for AML compliance, the resulting effect is a dissatisfied customer who is stuck within a slow onboarding process and possibly a lost opportunity. In such

a competitive environment client onboarding needs to be fast, simple and automated as much as possible. 


Using our total compliance solution enables Oomero's customers to carry out their AML checks to the standard they expect using the hybrid facility of automated checks with manual redress for exceptions.  

Today's clients expect a seamless and speedy onboarding experience and the first interaction with your customer will set the clients expectations for their customer journey with you. Client onboarding is the best time to filter out and mitigate business risk by identifying high-risk accounts or accounts that do not fit your risk profile. 



Oomero helps its clients automate all their checks on customers, companies and ID verification using a Single API and backing it all up with a manual team

to ensure a Total Compliance Solution. 


At Oomero we believe that compliance should be a simple part of doing business. By providing a Total Compliance solution by using both Electronic Checks and Manual checks we ensure that our customers receive a best of breed solution with an experienced team who have worked with and are currently working for major global banks. 


The company is focused on the SME market globally but also on ensuring that the end customer actually knows when and what is being checked on him.

At Oomero we know the importance of customised compliance and open and transparent solutions for all parts of the client life cycle. 

Our Story

Oomero was formed after seeing the changes in the regulations and how it would affect the SME market in the UK. The belief is that if the SME market needs help here in the UK it will also need it in other parts of the world. 


Moreover the Oomero team has seen the rise of the new FinTechs and Challenger Banks and the regulatory issues they have all faced.

The demands these companies are now being put under highlights our solution and the growing pressure of compliance that these companies need.  


Compliance is a mix of electronic checks supported by manual checks to ensure a smooth onboarding process for customers and the continuous monitoring of them.