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PEPs & Sanction Checks

Monitoring - AML Compliance

Oomero is cognizant of the fact that the world of compliance is changing and

so are the requirements. The need to have better information and have that

with a high availability to ensure that customers are not on any of the key lists

is important. 


Our service provides that the customer is continually checked against all main PEPs and Sanctions databases on a daily basis to ensure full compliance of any customer to those specific databases. Things can change overnight and by having your customers on continual screening you will always kept up to date and notified if anything changes. The solution is best of breed and uses both machine learning and AI to give the most relevant information  


Oomero are aware of the continual changes to regulations and are working with specialist providers to ensure we have the optimum balance between electronic checks and actual manual checks (for those that require the manual service). 

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