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Customer Onboarding

Simplify your  Client Onboarding with Automated Checks

Oomero provides a configurable service for the next generation of customer onboarding. Our sophisticated solution will allow you to create a seamless experience for your customers by giving a real time onboarding experience whilst allowing you to safeguard your business. Being cognizant of the updated

Strong Customer Authentication practices expected of financial institutions, Oomero's solution includes all the elements to ensure a long term healthy relationship with your clients whilst reducing the incidences of fraud. 


Oomero provides: 

  • Bio-metric KYC - facial recognition for onboarding using both photos and video 

  • Bio-metric anti-fraud - utilising the customers device, during the onboarding process, the client learns about the customer and the way he taps his phone keys or holds his phone and much more through the device. By doing this Oomero and its partners have created a way to significantly reduce fraud at the point of payment. 

  • Document validity checks - our partner carries out detailed checks and heatmaps to ensure all documents are real. All documents are live uploaded not PDFs that are sent (though even these can be verified and checked). 

  • Real-Time verification of customer data - such as Name, Address, Date of Birth verified off multiple databases. 

By following the above and by using the device biometric functions - such as

Face ID or fingerprints - we can effectively verify if the individual using the device is actually the person who is authorised to use it. 

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