Our Solutions

Many Solutions, One API

Oomero's API allows your developers to easily integrate KYC, KYB & AML solutions into your systems. Performing KYC, KYB & AML checks typically means integrating to a variety of vendors and then often cross-checking the data across different systems by using the Oomero API you have a simple consolidated solution which does it all. Multiple sources, digitally and manually checked (where needed), working to your agreed parameters to give an accurate and reliable decision.


The Oomero API makes it easier and less time consuming for you developers to provide a total solution allowing for faster delivery and allowing you to work with one single supplier for all your needs.


What you can do with our API:







  • Integrate the automated checks 

  • Use a team of experienced manual checks 

  • Create custom manuals to ensure compliance to the current regulations 

  • Have experienced MLROs at your disposal 

  • Complete client audit to ensure that the client is fully aware and compliant to the current regulations 

Work With Your Existing Workflow

The Oomero API can be embedded into your online and offline onboarding processes or other workflows such as:








  • Sign-up via your website

  • Sign-up via your mobile app

  • Offline sign-up such as at a meeting or branch based sign-up

  • Using your own in-house or bespoke systems

  • Case management systems or utilise our in-house Saas platform