Automated AML Checks for Client Onboarding & Monitoring 

AML compliance checks are becoming ever more complex and costly.

All types of firms are having to increase and allocate additional budgets and manual resources to validate their customers or clients whilst trying to ensure that they cover all the increasingly stringent global compliance standards. 


Many businesses still use manual and paper-based checks when doing AML compliance which results in a slow onboarding process, a dissatisfied customer and leads to a lost opportunity. In such a competitive business environment client onboarding needs to be fast, simple and automated as much as possible


Using our total compliance solution enables Oomero's customers to carry out their AML checks to the standard they expect using the hybrid facility of automated checks with manual redress for exceptions.  

Streamlined Onboarding

Today’s customers expect a seamless and speedy onboarding experience.

Client Onboarding is the customers first experience with your business and it sets

the expectations of their client journey with you. Client Onboarding is also the best

time to filter out and mitigate business risk by identifying high-risk accounts or accounts that do not fit your risk profile.

Key Features

  • Validate over 250 million companies in real time from over 100 companies 

  • Validate ID docs from over 185+ countries such as: Passports, Driving Licences, National IDs and many more. 

  • Global PEPs & Sanctions registers covering all the major lists including OFAC. 

  • Ultimate beneficial Owners (UBOs) and Directors checks in real time in minutes. 

  • Single API or SaaS application ensures that Oomero can easily integrate into your existing systems and workflows. 

Ongoing Beneficial Owner Monitoring 

The initial process of doing a comprehensive AML check at the point of onboarding is just the start

of the continuous cycle expected today of most companies. To remain compliant with current AML regulations you must ensure that you continually monitor your clients for any change in Company Structure, Beneficial Ownership or Directorships. 


The Oomero platform is capable of continually monitoring your corporate customers and notify you

of any changes in real time

Software Solutions

Oomero offers Clients two solutions to ensure ease of use:  

Single API


A simple, easy to integrate API which can integrate into your workflows allowing

a range of checks  such Passports, National ID cards, Visas and many more. 


SaaS application


A simple to use web based interface which allows you to use our solution in a stand alone format. It can be used by individuals looking to ensure stronger Compliance to organisations who have dedicated teams for compliance and just need more depth. Reports are produced in PDF format.