Oomero Personal Database

Digital Client Passport and Client Lifecycle Management

Oomero has created our own Oomero Personal Database in many ways similar to a digital passport that has been touted around for many years. The real issue is one of compliance and complexity whilst maintaining the data privacy rules and anti-fraud mechanisms to have an effective solution. 


Oomero has created its own solution to be launched in early 2020 which will allow all end customers of our clients to view and update their KYC / KYB / AML and allow all verified data to be shared within our ecosystem. 


This simple solution would enable:  

  • A customer to walk into any Money Services Business (MSB) and just scan their Oomero QR code and be verified in an instant to send money abroad. 

  • A customer to walk into a bank and be onboarded in minutes. 

  • Anyone could add their Oomero QR code to their resume and be quickly verified by their prospective employer.

This is an advanced solution but coupled with the databases we are linked into gives us the ability to truly create something that is needed today and for the future. 


At Oomero we understand the need for a more transparent world and a verified one. Many people do not think of how much data there is about them and their digital footprint.