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API for Customers

Stay connected with a single API Solution

At Oomero we offer all of our companies to connect with us using our Single API solution. 


This simple connection allows our clients to receive all the data to their preferred backend and data store. Clients are able to configure which services they want and what data they wish to receive in one go from a single supplier. As we add new services those updates are sent to our clients and they can then add the connection to the services if required. 


This simplified approach has enabled the tricky task of multiple integrations and dealing with multiple suppliers to be removed leading to a better all round experience for both the client and the end customer. 


For our clients who do not have their own backend and just want to use our services as a 3rd party they have the option of using our dedicated web based front end. In addition for those customers who are using our total compliance solution we can email them the final report of each customer as well. 

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