Total Compliance Solutions

Making compliance easier for everyone.

We perform both automated KYC/KYB & AML checks as well as having our own team to perform manual checks which ensures that the individuals and companies, along with their respective IDs & documents, are checked thoroughly. This process allows

us to ensure that our clients reduce risk and optimize risk assessment within their business processes and ensure

Total Compliance to current regulations. 

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Key Features

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Access to data

Aggregate best of breed solutions tailored to our customers needs

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Solutions Hub

We are able to tailor solutions to your industry requirements 

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Automated Checks

Validate people, companies, ID & more from a single point of access 

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Single API

Access all our services from a single Rest API

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Our solution includes a whole team who will be allocated to ensure your checks and criteria meet your requirements

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Ease of Implementation

We can deploy rapidly and customise to your needs

How can we help?

Our single platform provides a comprehensive data and risk scoring solution for both people, companies and their respective ID documents. This can be especially helpful for regulated businesses to ensure their client base and employees are fully compliant. In addition we ensure that all exceptions have a team who will ensure they are handled in the way

you and your MLRO have decided. 

  1. Oomero provide a range of fully automated, scalable and configurable compliance solution for most businesses.

  2. We work with best of breed data owners to provide an online identity & AML checks. 

  3. We have solutions for complex onboarding and biometrics to ensure the next level of Strong Customer Authentication as well as various types of monitoring of customers. 

  4. One API for a simple and rich data supply from a variety of data suppliers. 

  5. An experienced compliance team who can help our SME customers carry out a total compliance function without the need to hire additional staff for a simple price per click solution. 

Our various suppliers for KYC & AML checks as well as our bio-metric and ID & Document verification solutions allow our client to better serve their customers 

as well as protect them from financial crime and other risks related to current legislation. 

We provide the following checks:

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Beneficial Owner Checks

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ID Verification


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Checks (KYB)

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